Music: Miko Fridan Ft. King Harrashy – Dreams (M&M By. EA Beatz)

Music: Miko Fridan Ft. King Harrashy – Dreams (M&M By. EA Beatz)
Music: Miko Fridan Ft. King Harrashy – Dreams (M&M By. EA Beatz)

Miko Fridan teams up with King harrashy on a beautiful motivational song…

This amazing song best describes the struggle and hustle of chasing a dream with no support but discouragements and still getting on top and standing strong gracefully…
More importantly this song celebrates the 15 years friendship relationship of Miko Fridan and king harrashy from high school days and destiny is still linking us on a same page of career to shine…

this is a dream in reality…
Happy friendship anniversary to us and we celebrate all loved ones and supports..

we are becoming what God says we will be..
Thank you for your love.

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