Let’s Reason!! Why Is That Guys Use Condom For Those Prostitutes But Won’t Use For Their Girlfriends?



Hello Guys,

Good day and hope your week started well? I pray Greatness locate everyone of us this new week 🙏

I sincerely need to voice out, as this issue has been disturbing me for a while now. Today, I just decided to post it here so we can talk about it.


Before I go ahead with this discussion, let me quickly clear the air before some shallow minded individuals start attacking me.

» Am not a fan of raw sex & I’m not asking anyone to stop using Condom ooooo. Take note of this and read along. I will make it simple and quick.

Please, Why is it that “Most guys will use Condom for an Olosho/Ashawo they carried at the Club but won’t use for their Girlfriend(s) whether new or old?

I have noticed this trend for a while now and I think it’s common among everyone us whether male or female.

Does this means Toasting a Girl or Being in a Relationship cures HIV or AIDS?

99.9% of us don’t even get our Newly found love tested before before we started nacking raw

I swear na God dey help all of us ooo.

Guys are always very comfortable having Sex with their Girl without the fear of HIV

What if if/she is bringing it from the previous relationship?

What if he or she cheated while you are away, you both will still nack raw without any fear.

Even ladies are very comfortable with their Boyfriend and will tell other guy who wants to have something with them to use condom 😲 So you and your guy are in a Relationship, it kills the HIV right?

As I have said earlier, it’s only God that’s helping and keeping us all away from trouble and this killer disease.


Use Condom for that Runs girl and use it for that your New/Existing Girlfriend(s) too.

May God continue to guide us all.



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