[MUSIC] Tony Anthony – ‘Light’ Ft. Ajebo Hustlers _ @tonyanthony_off

[MUSIC] Tony Anthony – ‘Light’ Ft. Ajebo Hustlers _ @tonyanthony_off
[MUSIC] Tony Anthony – ‘Light’ Ft. Ajebo Hustlers _ @tonyanthony_off

Tony Anthony made a return to the music Scene. This time with a collaboration with portharcourt super stars ‘Ajebo Hustlers‘ It is Titled “Light“. The ” Monica” crooner and the “Sophisticated Iyawo” Crooners did Justice to the T9 produced sound. Download, listen and tell us what you think about this one.

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Listen & Download “Tony Anthony – ‘Light’ Ft. Ajebo Hustlers _ @tonyanthony_off” below:-
Download “Tony Anthony – ‘Light’ Ft. Ajebo Hustlers _ @tonyanthony_off”

See “Tony Anthony – ‘Light‘ Ft. Ajebo Hustlers Lyrics” below:- Intro: (Tony.A.) They call me Tony Anthony Blackship Sailing yeah, Ajebo Hustlers Serere (Its T9 on the beat)

Hook (Piego): Eh eh eh e… She don Light up the place… She don turn up the base, She just walking in, everybody eyes on her baka they gaze… Are you feeling the Song oh, spitting fire like Sango, I just wan love you, I just wan hold you, Baby ride in my cambo.

Verse 1 (Tony) Ekeate step in a the club, she a mashing up the place, she aset the club on fire… she aset the roof ablaze. Let’s rock till early morning, of you Marathon I run your race. I have been watching by the corner the things you do they make me craze. The way she wine, blow my mind oh, she put it on me like two-to-Tango I get Juice forget Calypso, tonight- tonight you go ride in my candleo no. Hook (Piego) Repeat: Chorus: Ekaete Jukpa.. Ogbeni wa kpakorokpa. Ekaete Jukpa, ogbeni was kpakorokpa aha. 2ce

Rap verse 2 (Knowledge): (Kpos) Ekaete What’s up. You this very Kpalas you know what’s up For your love, I go share my Hotspot. Say na fvck up If I see you lockup. (Eh) Ekaete Jukpa (kpa) I no go use you kpa. (Kpa) Your Favourite rapper like Buber. Be your love, be your pumpkin my sugar. (Eh) Give me love, Baby give me vibe. I dey touch you maximum, I no fit minimize. Cos I really care how you feel inside When you see me right shebi you go feel inside.

Hook and chorus: ( Repeat) Outro (Tony Anthony): Jukpa for me serere I got money serere Love the way you light my party with your body serere. Jukpa for me serere geti money re.re.re Love the way you light my party you too sabi re.re.re.

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