Marvelroyalworld Perspective On The Rape By COZA Pastor, Read Full Story Below

Obviously, according to Nigeria law, rape is a criminal offence, but as regards the alleged rape by COZA Pastor and the outrageous reaction of people on social media which has deviated us from the challenges that are facing our economy and the country as a whole shouldn’t be the case.
Looking at the issue in another way round, it might be a way to indict, blackmail or trying to gain ground for support since she believes the victim will definitely gain people’s sympathy. But, if a rape was carried out up to four times in different places by same persons and the victim did not post any charges at such time and has no evidence to prove it, the case is null and void.

In another word, if the rape is real as she claimed without root or evidence there must have been cordial relationship between the two parties, so you don’t expect a normal person to walk in a house and rape someone 4x at different occasions ha ba. And if it really happened, you should have taken the case to the police station in the first place and not the social media. Now how do you want your children to live with such horrible stigma of which you could have handled in a very diplomatic way.
So please my people, let’s join hands just the way you join hands with this rape broadcast and fight the problems we are facing in our country. Thanks

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