It Really Hurts When People Say I Look Older Than My Age – Vandora Cries Out On IG


Vandora took to her Instagram page to share her ordeal, revealed that it really hurts when people say she looks older than her age.

The reality show star who stated that she is not petite but wears a lot of makeup, dress older, act older, added that she has been through her own little stress in life. Vandora who revealed how much it hurts when people say she looks older than her age, further revealed that she has come to terms with it. She wrote;

Treat me like a joke I will leave you like it’s funny…😀😀😀😀…
TRUTH… it does hurt me when people say I look older than I am …. I am not petite… I wear a lot of makeup…. I dress older… act older…. and I have been through my own little stress in life….
I have come to terms with it… and I am happy with all of it…
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