Let’s Discuss! What Is Your First Impression About Ladies Who Smoke Weed?


Hello fellow Nigerians, May this weekend be our turning point of good things in life.

Let’s quickly go to the question of the day as it is a very argumentative and educative one.

Why most people believe ladies have the right to smoke weed as guys, they believe a girl smoking doesn’t mean she’s irresponsible and can still possess all the good manners of a typical lady!

But so many other Nigerians disagree with the fact, they believe, no matter how good a lady’s attitude is, she has totally lost it all once she starts smoking. There is no lady who will be applauded as smoking weed is the first impression she could show.

While this argument is a hot one, we can not conclude yet without bringing it to our sensible Naijaloadites to judge.

What Do You Think About Ladies Who Smoke?

Can You Feel Comfortable Seeing Your Sister, Girlfriend Or Daughter Smoking?

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