This is a sad story that’s warrants the urgent wanting of Martins Unuareokpa. In November 2016,one Cynthia Okojie was reported dead after visiting her boyfriend Martins Unuareokpa one evening she got home and started complaining of abdomen pain which became serious she had told her parents how she and her boyfriend had took a blood oat not to ever leave each other.she had confessed that after she left her boyfriends house she went to see a guy who was always disturbing her to come visit him,she said one thing lead to another and they had sex.the guys name remained unknown till she finally passed out,even after knowing the true story that Cynthia died resulting to her breaking of the blood oat she took with Martins Unuareokpa her serious boyfriend in Uromi, it was said clear that either of them that has sexual intercourse with another person will die.even after knowing this Cynthia’s parents still think martins is responsible for their daughters death and they are after him.since November 2016 till date martins has been declared highly wanted by the Nigerian police.a reward has been set for anyone who is able to give out Martins whereabouts but up till date Martins hasn’t been found, Because he claimed he loved his girlfriend so much and would not kill her for no reason. Martins says her death is a shock to him but he wouldn’t allow him self get arrested for what he didn’t do. Martins had left this note on his table before he disappeared.
Anyone who can lead the police to Martin’s Unuareokpa will be highly rewarded.

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