Gist: Let’s Talk! President Buhari’s Son Power Bike Was Revealed To Be N56 Million (Where Do You Think He Got It From?)

Hello 360nobsdegreeites!!!

It’s another interesting and argy – bargy kind topic we brought to you today.

I hope you are all aware of the President Buhari’s son shape? Well if you are not aware, I can help give an hint on his condition.

Recently, Yusuf Buhari was involved in a power bike crash in Abuja and that’s led to a trauma in the Government House Aso Rock, because he sustained a cavilling injury on his head, which he has to undergo surgery for.

In a recent update about his condition, we heard Yusuf Buhari is now stable, and that’s a good news to all good hearted Nigerians.

Meanwhile, the power bike Yusuf crashed was estimated to be #56 Million Naira! I was surprised upon hearing this figure. And it got me thinking about the source of this money.

Well the president has recently sacked some DSS operatives cause of the incident and how he secretly acquired the bike. Baba too self shock! 😂

So the issue now is where he got the money, 360nobsdegreeites, let’s do our own investigations. 🤣

Adioh’s Own Opinion:- As the president son, that amount is not too huge for him to get though, and that’s because he has alot of rich people around him, friends to his daddy, friends to his mum, senators, Governors of different states.

He can easily text any of them and seek for financial help,that depends on the Kind of person he is though.

Lets’s assume is that kind of guy that’s not shy and mushy like that, and he prolly get to ask Senate President Bukola Saraki for financial assistance, do you think Saraki will give him N 1 Million?

Well I don’t think his giving him nothing less than N 10 Million. So let’s think he has the kinds of Saraki like 20 of them.. My Bro! Are you thinking what am thinking? 😳

That’s my own opinion though, now it’s on to you guys;

Where do you think he got that Amount of money from?

Kindly Comment below!!!

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